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To withdraw from a class after the official end of the add/drop period while still enrolled in other classes, you must process a Monitored Withdrawal Request Form through the dean's office of the school offering the class. For example, if you are an Engineering student who wishes to withdraw from a School of Arts & Sciences class, you must withdraw in the A&S undergraduate Dean's Office, not in the School of Engineering Dean's Office. Check with the appropriate dean's office for the proper procedure and deadline for class withdrawal. If you wish to drop all of your classs after the end of the add/drop period, you must resign from the term. (See Resignation at : for further information.)
Approval for you to withdraw from a class will always be at the discretion of the dean. If approved, the grade "W" will be recorded on your term grades and transcript for that class."W" grades do not count toward a student's degree, grade point average, or academic progress for purposes of financial aid eligibility. There is no tuition adjustment associated with a class withdrawal.



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