Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a class scheduling tool that will provide students with an enhanced registration experience by helping to automate and simplify the schedule generation process. With this tool, students can load courses that they need to take into their Schedule Planner and generate all possible schedule combinations based on their course selections. Students can narrow down the results by using filters or by adding custom breaks to schedule around obligations such as work, sports, or personal time.

Students will find a link to Schedule Planner in their Student Center via Pitt Passport.  Students may also access this tool if they navigate to the Enrollment: Add Classes page in their Self-Service area of PeopleSoft.

Advisors will also have access to students’ Schedule Planners to help students quickly find classes that fit their schedules, saving time to free advisors from the tedious schedule building process. The link for Advisors can be found in the Student Services Center or the Advisor Center.

Key Features:

  • Integrated with PeopleSoft Student Center
  • Search for open and waitlisted classes
  • Add breaks, work schedules, practices, or other activities to block off unavailable time
  • Filter by preferred instructor
  • Add class padding, which allows for time between classes
  • Lock in specific class sections while leaving other class options available
  • Visually browse the results to find the perfect schedule
  • The click of a button can save students hours of time by presenting all possible schedules

Schedule Planner Assistance

If you need assistance with Schedule Planner, please send us an emailNote: when adding courses to the shopping cart, students will be prompted to add a permission number.  If there is no permission number to be entered, bypass this step by clicking "Next."

Schedule Planner Help Videos

Launching Schedule Planner, and Settings

Adding Classes From My Planner

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Compare Schedules and add Pad Time

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Sending Schedule to PeopleSoft and Registering

Schedule Planner Help Documents

Schedule Planner Student Cheat Sheet

Schedule Planner For Advisors

Schedule Planner Tutorial

Access Schedule Planner

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Add Class Padding

Generate Schedules

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Lock a Class Section

Search by Instructor

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