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Parents FAQ's

Questions related to:

Course/Class Scheduling (read more...)
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Transcripts and Certification (read more...)

My child, who is an undergraduate student at another university, is home for the summer and is interested in taking classes at the University of Pittsburgh.  Is he/she able to register for a summer course at the university?
You should get in touch with the Summer Visiting Student Program offered through the College of General Studies. Visit their website at:


How can I get a Time Schedule of Classes book mailed to me?
The Time Schedule of Classes is no longer available in a printed book format. It is only available on the University Registrar's website. To see the Time Schedule of Classes, click on the following link:


How can I easily search for online courses in the Time Schedule of Classes?
In the Time Schedule of Classes, an online class is designated by a "B" in the Special Indicators column. Click on the following link to view the Time Schedule of Classes.


My child is interested in registering for a graduate course as a non-degree student and he/she cannot find any information on how to register for these classes. Where can we find this information?
You can go to the University of Pittsburgh's website at Once there, search for the graduate school where the student would like to attend classes by clicking on the down arrow for Campuses, Schools, Colleges, & Centers and selecting the proper school. The school's website should list all the information he/she needs for admission and registration.


My child attended the University of Pittsburgh over a year ago. Is he/she able to register for the upcoming term?
If the student has not enrolled for classes at the University of Pittsburgh for (3) consecutive terms, he/she will need to re-apply to the school previously attended and be re-admitted to the University. For example, if the student was admitted to the College of General Studies, he/she would need to contact CGS at 412-624-6600. The complete list of schools can be found at You can select the proper school by clicking on the down arrow for Campuses, Schools, Colleges, & Centers.


When are final exams given?
Final exams are scheduled during the last week of the term. For more information see

When do final exams end, and when is the last possible time that my child can have a final exam?
Final exams start on Monday at 8:00 a.m.and end on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. during the last week of each term. The last exam is scheduled to occur from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday of that week.


How can I find my child's final exam schedule?
If you have the student's class schedule, you can refer to the exam schedule to find the exam's days and times. The class schedule will be updated with the exam information after the final exam room assignments are completed approximately (6) weeks after the start of the term.

My child has two exams scheduled at the same time. Is this possible?

Yes, while unlikely, it is possible when the student is taking two or more classes that finals for both classes may be scheduled for the same time period. If this occurs, the student should talk to the instructors of the classes, as one or both of the classes should be offering a make-up exam.


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How does my child enroll in or drop a class?
Most students are able to complete their own enrollment transactions through their Student Center. Information can be found at:

How does my child fill a specific academic program requirement?
Students can talk to their advisor or dean's office to find out what courses fulfill academic requirements. If they are an undergraduate or LAW student, they can also log into, Self Service, Student Center, My Academics, View my advisement report and run an Academic Advisement transcript.

Why does my child have a hold?
Holds are placed by offices throughout the University for a variety of reasons. Students can find details through their Student Center. Instructions can be found at:

How does my child get an ID card?
ID cards are available through Panther Central, located in the Litchfield Towers Lobby. Information about ID cards and the services they provide can be found at:

How does my child change his/her address?
Students are able to maintain their Mailing, Home, and Home 2 addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contact information through their Student Center.  Instructions are available at:

Why is my child being charged additional fees?
In addition to tuition and mandatory fees, there are some fees attached to specific courses.  Information about mandatory fees can be found at: A complete list of course-related fees can be found under the "Time Schedule of Classes Guide" at

How can I get my child's SSN listed on his/her student records for Financial Aid purposes?
Once a student has been admitted and matriculated, only the University Registrar’s Office can change or enter a Social Security Number.  More information can be found at:

When are the breaks during a term?
In addition to regular holiday closings, the University has a one-day Fall Break and a week-long Spring Recess.  Details can be found at:

How does my child look for open classes?
Class availability changes quite often.  Active students can search for classes through their Student Center.  Information can be found at:

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How can I access my child's grades online?
You cannot unless the student provides you with his/her PeopleSoft user name and password.

Without online access, how can I view or find my child's grades?
Some other options are:
  1. You can have the student give you a copy of his/her official University of Pittsburgh transcript.
  2. You can obtain this information if the student writes and signs a letter to our transcript department, releasing his/her transcript to you. Or you can accompany the student into our transcript office.
  3. There are different forms that some offices may use in order to release student information to parents, including the form at this link: Please check with your student's Dean's office to inquire as to whether or not they accept and use this form.
My child has not received his/her diploma. Why?
If the student has a "financial hold" on his/her account, the diploma will be held until the account has been settled and the hold is released.

If my child does not have a financial hold or other hold that stops diplomas, and he/she has not received a diploma, what would cause this?
The student may not have applied for graduation or the graduation application may have been denied by his/her dean's office. If it is due to an address issue, the student must allow 30 days after the initial mailing process before contacting us. At that time, the student can contact us and we will order another diploma to be mailed out.

The major is not on my child's diploma, is that a mistake?
This is not a mistake. The diploma lists the degree awarded, not the major. The major appears on the student's official University of Pittsburgh transcript.

When and where is Commencement?
Commencement is scheduled for the first Sunday after the last day of the Spring Term.
There is one annual University of Pittsburgh commencement.  The graduation terms included in that ceremony would be for the current Spring Term, as well as the previous year’s June, August and December’s terms. Please see

The commencement ceremony takes place at the Peterson Events Center.
Please view this link for more information

Where can I get announcements/invitations, covers/frames for a diploma?
All of these items are available at the University of Pittsburgh Book Center. Please see


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How can I get proof that my child is a full-time student for my health insurance?
You can call the Office of the University Registrar, Transcripts and Certification, at 412-624-7635. You will need to provide us with the student's school ID#, policy number or some identifying information that we can include on the form and a complete mailing address or fax number where we can send the verification form. If you have a form that was sent from your insurance company, you can mail it to our office or drop it off at G-3, Thackeray Hall in the Transcripts & Certification office. We will then mail your insurance company form along with an Enrollment Verification letter to your insurance company.

How can I get a letter of good academic standing for my child's car insurance?
The certification office can sign the forms from your insurance company that ask if the student had a 3.00 or greater grade point average for the immediate preceding semester. If the insurance company requires a letter saying that the student is in "good academic standing", you will need to contact his/her Dean's Office.

How can my child defer his loans?
The University of Pittsburgh belongs to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Our system will automatically notify the NSC at the following times: first day of each term, once the add/drop period is over, the middle of the term, and at the end of the term. As long as the student remains enrolled for at least half-time status, he/she will qualify for the deferment.  If you have a lender that does not participate in the NSC, you can mail your deferment forms to our office or drop them off at G-3, Thackeray Hall in the Transcript & Certification office. We will complete the forms and mail them to your lenders.

How can I get a copy of my child's transcript?
The student can send us a signed request asking that a copy be mailed to you, or if you would like to pick-up a copy of your child’s transcript, you will need to have a signed release from your child. The release must say that “I, child’s name, give permission to my parent, parent’s name, to pick up specific number of my official transcripts. Your child must then sign the release and include his/her student ID#. When you come to our office to pick-up the transcripts, you will be asked to show your photo ID. There is no fee for this service.

What is FERPA?
FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and is a federal law that was enacted in 1974. FERPA protects the privacy of student education records. All educational institutions that receive federal funding must comply with FERPA.

Do parents have rights under FERPA?
In primary and secondary educational institutions (i.e. K-12), all FERPA rights belong to the parent. However, when the student reaches the age of 18 or begins to attend a post-secondary institution (regardless of age), all FERPA rights transfer to the student. To learn more about FERPA go to:

My child has a transcript from a different university, where should we send it so transfer credit can be granted?
Any transcripts from a different school should be sent directly to the Dean’s Office of the school in which the student is enrolled. The Dean’s Office will evaluate the transcript and grant the transfer credits.

How can my child get his/her social security number printed on his/her transcript?
To have a social security number included on a transcript, the student must ask for it each time the transcript is requested. If the request is done in writing, the student can include the full social security number on the bottom line of the request where it asks to“ Note any special instructions:” and tell us that the social security number should be included on the transcript.

Where can I obtain a copy of my child's financial records so that I can receive reimbursement from my employer?
To obtain a copy of the student's financial records, please contact the Student Payment Center at 412-624-7520 or email them at Your student must have designated you as an Authorized Payer in PittPAY for this information to be released to you.

Where can I find my child's student ID number?
The student's ID number can be found in his/her Student Center. The student will need to log into to locate the ID under the Personal Information in Demographic Data. Please see



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