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Cross Registration

Cross registration is a program through the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) that provides an opportunity for enriched educational programs by permitting students to attend courses at any of ten participating colleges and universities. These institutions are:

The PCHE Cross Registration Form and Instructions must be opened using Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader download

Cross registration is available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students registered at a PCHE institution in the fall and spring terms. There is not an additional tuition charge to cross-enroll; however you may be assessed course fees by the host institution. The earned grade and units will be transferred to the home school. The academic policies of the host institution prevail. It is the responsibility of the student's home institution to determine that the prerequisites for a class at the host institution have been met.

Cross-registration does not apply to part-time students or during the summer term at any of the PCHE institutions. In these cases, students would follow the "Temporary Transfer Student" procedure, agreed to separately by the PCHE institutions. These students are liable for all tuition and fees assessed by the other institution.

University of Pittsburgh students may automatically enroll at any of the other University of Pittsburgh campuses (Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville) at any time.

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