New Student Guide to the Office of the University Registrar

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Create a Schedule - 5 Steps to Enroll

Access the 5 Steps to Enroll

What classes do I need to take? 
First consult with your academic advisor to have any advising holds lifted and use the Degree Progress information to view your completed and unfulfilled requirements.  Access this through PeopleSoft/HighPoint Campus Experience (CX) Dashboard, My Academics menu, and Degree Progress.

*NOTE: To access your Student Center, you will need to enable Multifactor Authentication. Visit Multifactor Authentication and follow the steps at the bottom of the page. Contact Information Technology (412-624-HELP) with questions.

When do I need to take these classes? 

Use the Planner within PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX to plan out your enrollment for future terms.  This is best utilized after consulting with your advisor to add potential future courses for future terms.

What classes are available for enrolling? 
Search for courses for a term using Class Information and Class Search in PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX.  You can also use Schedule Builder in the Enrollment menu of PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX to search for available courses and build your potential schedule.

Register for Classes
  • The enrollment appointment is the day and time when you can begin enrolling. View your appointment in your PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX under the Enrollment menu and selecting Enrollment Dates
  • Search for classes using Class Information and Class Search in PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX. As you select your classes, you can add them to your Shopping Cart, Planner, or Schedule Builder. In order to enroll, you must complete all steps of the process - adding a class to the Shopping Cart or Planner does not hold a seat for you.
  • If at any time during your enrollment process you encounter a problem, contact Enrollment Services within the Office of the Registrar or your academic advisor.
  • You will be billed through PittPAY, the University's online billing system. Login to PittPAY to view and manage your student account. Contact the Student Payment Center with questions.
Add or Drop Classes/Waitlist
  • Consult the PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX User Guide for students on the Student Training page for step-by-step instructions for adding, dropping, editing, and swapping courses.
  • You can view the add/drop periods for your term on the Calendars page under Academic Calendars. 
  • Students receiving financial aid should ensure they are enrolled in the minimum number of units required to qualify for aid.
  • If you choose to waitlist a class, be aware that schedule conflicts, credit overloads, or enrollment in another section may prevent you from being auto-enrolled. For more information, consult the Enrollment page.
  • Waitlist FAQ
Earn Credit at Other Universities
Plan for Final Exams
  • Final exams are given during the last week of the term, starting on Monday at 8:00 a.m. and ending Saturday at 9:50 a.m.
  • The final exam schedule is available on the Final Exams section of the Course/Class page approximately 6-8 weeks after the term begins.
  • You can access your own final exam schedule in PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX by selecting Schedule from the menu 6-8 weeks after the term begins.
Remember Important Dates

Visit the Academic Calendar page for:

  • Residence hall open/close dates
  • Enrollment Appointments and registration deadlines
  • First and last day of classes
  • Grades and monitored withdrawals
  • Holiday breaks and special University days
Enrollment Verification/Transcripts
  • Transcripts show your academic coursework (including any transfer credits), grades, grade point average, and degree(s) awarded.
  • Enrollment Verification is an official University document showing your enrollment for the current semester. You may be asked to provide one for financial aid or scholarship eligibility, for example.
  • For more information or to place an order, visit the Transcripts/Verifications page.
Stay Informed

Check the Student Training or Enrollment pages to view video tutorials for additional enrollment tools, including the PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX Student User guide, Schedule Builder User Guide, and additional PeopleSoft Classic tutorials.