NCAA Certification

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires the counting of courses and credits that are degree applicable to verify student-athletes are progressing toward degree completion. To validate student-athletes at the University of Pittsburgh are on a successful path towards degree fulfillment, the Office of the University Registrar serves as the certifying agent for reporting academic eligibility of student-athletes to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the NCAA. Our office produces Continuing Eligibility and Certification (CEC) forms and distributes them across the University to designated school contacts who oversee student-athletes within their academic programs. The forms are completed by administrative staff in each school to authenticate student-athletes are enrolled in courses for the semester that are degree applicable. The CECs are then returned to the Office of the University Registrar for thorough review and evaluation to certify student-athlete eligibility for participation in their respective sport. The Office of the University Registrar collaborates diligently with academic deans’ offices, the Compliance Office within the University Athletic Department, and Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes (ASSSA) to implement a comprehensive process that evaluates student-athlete academic performance in accordance with the University, ACC, and NCAA rules and regulations.

The CEC process to confirm student-athletes are enrolled in courses and credits that are degree applicable is entirely electronic. The electronic CEC forms allow for efficiency and accuracy in timely completion to ensure compliance with NCAA rules and regulations for student-athletes. The Continuing Eligibility and Certification process is constant throughout a student-athlete’s educational and athletic career at the University of Pittsburgh, and this process is performed each academic semester in the fall, spring, and summer.

Contact Information

Cody Reese (Primary Contact) - – (412) 383-0357
Jennifer Phillips - – (412) 624-7604