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You may now forward your transcript to an in-network receiver such as Law School Admission Council (LSAC) or AMCAS using the University’s online ordering service. Enter your recipient into the search box to see if they are an in-network receiver and then select their preferred method of delivery.

If you would like to order a transcript, please click above if you are either a "current student" or a "former student".

Our current and former students can order transcripts and enrollment verifications online. Not only can you order these documents online, but you can also choose to have these documents delivered via email through our secure, electronic pdf delivery process.


$6.00 paper mailed transcript.
$5.00 e-transcript.
$3.50 paper mailed enrollment verification / electronic enrollment verification.
$24.95 paper mailed transcript / e-transcript  – third party ordering (TPO)
$24.95 paper mailed enrollment verification / electronic enrollment verification – third party ordering (TPO)
$25.00 additional charge for domestic rush delivery.
The student must upload a pre-paid UPS Express or FedEx express label to their order for international rush delivery.

Please refer to the links in our Transcript/Verification Resources section for instructions on how to create an online ordering account and placing an order.

Order in Person

We will still offer over the counter service which will include

Pick up to (10) official transcripts issued to student (signed & sealed).
Pick up to (10) enrollment verifications issued to student
Pick up (1) unofficial transcript on white paper with no seal (unofficial transcripts can only be printed for currently enrolled students with a valid student id card)​

There is no fee for transcripts and verification of enrollment forms printed at the counter. The immediate service is for "Issued to Student" copies only.

Currently enrolled students can also view, print or download their academic record/unofficial transcript within PeopleSoft classic or HighPoint CX. For instructions on how to access your academic record/unofficial transcript in PeopleSoft classic or PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX, refer to the Student Training page.

Third Party Requests

Third party transcript/degree/enrollment verification requests can be made through Parchment Exchange Third Party Ordering. With the on-line ordering system, secure certified PDF transcripts and enrollment verifications can be ordered within minutes and then delivered within a few hours, unless there is an off-line record research hold.  Mailed transcripts and enrollment verification requests are generally processed within 1-3 business days (up to 3-5 days for high volume periods). 

Please visit to create an account and place an order.  You will be asked to upload a signed student consent form which will allow us to release the student’s information to you. Your request will not be processed unless the signed consent is attached.

Third party requests for degree or enrollment verification can also be made by contacting the National Student Clearing House at:
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse, 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171.

Official Transcript Section Description

Degrees Awarded
This section lists, in ascending order, each degree/certificate you have earned while enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh. Dependent upon whether you have received an undergraduate or graduate degree, your degree information may include degree earned, confer date, University honors, plan major, minor or sub-plan. Your certificate information will include your certification program and date conferred.

Academic Program History
This section will specify your program and plan, including plan changes. If you are officially pursuing multiple programs, it will display the above information for each program and plan listed.

University of Pittsburgh Units
This section displays, in ascending chronological order, all of the courses in which you were enrolled (registered) and the grades issued for each term of attendance. Special notations are also indicated in this section of your transcript. The key to the special notations is printed on the back of each official transcript.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
Prior to the Fall Term 2005-2006, the University cumulative Quality Point Average (QPA) was calculated based on all University of Pittsburgh courses relevant to the student's degree goal(s). Effective with the Fall Term 2005-2006, the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is associated with credits completed at the Career Level. For additional GPA/QPA information, please see the University GPA/QPA policy.

Transfer Units
Transfer Units reflect course work you have completed at other institutions. When an academic center evaluates and accepts this class work, all or a portion of the class work may apply toward your degree requirements in that academic center. Only transfer units accepted from your current school will appear in this section of your transcript. If you transfer from one school to another within the University, your transfer units do not automatically transfer. Your transfer units will need to be re-evaluated and accepted by your new school.

When you earn your degree from the University of Pittsburgh, transfer units associated with your degree will become a permanent part of your transcript. In the event that you attain multiple degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, the transcript will list all advanced standing associated with the degrees awarded.

How to 'Order Course Descriptions'

Please email us or fax us at (412) 624-9782, a list of the course names and numbers for the descriptions you need. Give us your name, student ID# or last 4 digits of your social security number so that we can locate your record. We will also need a complete mailing address for where you would like the descriptions sent. We do not email or fax course descriptions. Also provide a phone number or e-mail address where you can be reached if we should need to contact you.