Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Our Course/Class service area operates according to established University policies and procedures. This ensures that students, faculty, and staff can easily plan their curricula and create efficient schedules. Please review these policies prior to submitting course or class updates.

Course Catalog: Policy AC10  |  Procedure AC 10
Course Meeting Times: Policy AC 11 |  Fall/Spring Course Mtg Times |  Summer Course Mtg Times
Course Structure:   Course Type Table

Class Section Update Form

New Course Catalog Form

Course Catalog Update Form

Special Topics Form

Enrollment Requirements

Pre‐Requisite:  A pre‐requisite is something that a student must complete (or be enrolled in for a previous term) before the start date of the desired class.  By default, the system will include any ‘In‐Progress’ courses from a previous term as meeting the requisite. 

Co‐Requisite:  A co‐requisite is something that a student can complete prior to, or at the same time as, the desired class.   This means that if one course is a co‐requisite to another, students can enroll in both courses, simultaneously, within the same term – or could have already completed the course in a previous term, to meet the requisite.

Academic coordinators can use the Enrollment Requirement Form below to add a pre-requisite or co-requisite to a class.

Enrollment Requirement Form

Requisite Form Instructions - Detailed

Course Attributes

Course attributes are system codes used to categorize sections of courses for purposes such as course scheduling and publishing. The assignment of course attributes is managed by the Office of the University Registrar in coordination with academic units across the University. Many course attributes can be used as search criteria in the Course Catalog and Class Search.

For more information on course attributes

Special Course Related Fees

Information regarding term specific fees that are charged to courses and/or classes can be found below.

Course Fees For Current and Enrolling Terms

Important Dates