Classroom Scheduling

Our Classroom Scheduling service area assigns academic spaces/facilities to classes, final exams, and extracurricular activities on campus. The 25LivePro application is used to schedule these academic spaces.

Requesting Room Changes for Classes

Department administrators may request classroom assignment changes, as needed. These requests must be received by the fourteenth calendar day of the term. Once changes are approved, they will immediately be reflected in the PeopleSoft Class Search and the PeopleSoft Student Schedule.

Please use the Finals Week Classroom Waiver if you will not use your classroom during Finals Week.

Policies and Procedures

Our Classroom Scheduling service area operates according to established University policies and procedures. These policies and procedures contain a lot of the information retaining to academic space assignment and usage.

Classroom Facilities: Policy AO 09
Classroom Facility Usage - Charges: Policy AO 08
Classroom Facility Usage - Extracurricular Activities: Policy AO 17  I  Procedure AO 17


25LivePro is the tool we use to schedule classrooms. It features enhanced filtering options that make searching for academic events, classes, and academic spaces simple and easy. Detailed instructions can be found on the training materials page.

Departmental contacts that have been granted access to request academic space should click on the 25LivePro link and then use your My Pitt Portal username and password to sign in, or through the 25LivePro Academic Space Reservation System community under the My Resources tab of the My Pitt Portal.

Classroom Requests Forms

Staff that do not have access to make requests via 25LivePro, can request access by contacting

Student Group Classroom Permit - To request classroom space for student group activities.

Reserve Classroom - Extracurricular Act - To reserve space for an event, such as a guest speaker or seminar, that will be open to other members of the university community, or to the public.