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University Catalogs

2017-2018 University Catalogs Published: After much dedication and hard work from across the University of Pittsburgh, the 2017-2018 University Catalogs were published on July 3rd, 2017 for the academic year. As a result of the new course inventory process, the course catalog is now fully updated. There have been several new schools, departments, programs and courses created as well as deactivated. Be sure to check out all of the important dates for this upcoming school year from the Academic Calendar found on the Catalog’s main menu. Finally, if you need to reference the 2016-2017 University Catalogs, simply click the Archived Catalogs on the Catalog’s main menu.

UPDATES: Since we went live with the online catalogs in December 2016, there has been some great feedback throughout the University. Some key features for users and catalog editors include the ability to easily search the catalog, up-to-date course descriptions readily available, and the capability of managing their own content. The University also implemented a new course inventory process. To see the process, simply click the link posted on this page, located under the University Catalog Resources. Our office will also be creating PDF print versions of each University Catalog and adding the link to each Catalog Home page. Finally, after attending the DigArcU conference, we will be looking into new additional features to implement to the 2017-2018 catalogs.

December 19th, 2016: As a result of a new catalog management system implementation, the University Bulletins have been replaced by shiny, new University Catalogs. The new University Catalogs contain the great majority of the same information that the University Bulletins contained, but have a user-friendly, modern design and several new features. The information in the new University Catalogs is updated by Catalog Editors within various University schools, departments, administrative offices, and regional campuses via the new catalog management system (Acalog Publisher). The Information Systems and Support group within the Office of the University Registrar provides support to these Catalog Editors. Check out the new catalogs by clicking on one of the below.

To gain access to the Acalog Publisher, please email us at catalogs@pitt.edu to schedule training. Once training has been completed, access to the Acalog Publisher will be granted.

If you need assistance with the Acalog Publisher, please send us an email at catalogs@pitt.edu or call us at one of the below.

If you need training and access to the Acalog Publisher, please email us at catalogs@pitt.edu

The Acalog training videos and documents are available to assist in maintaining the information in the Publisher. To access these resources please log in to the Pitt Box and locate the “Catalog Editor Files” folder. If you do not have access to this folder, please email catalogs@pitt.edu.