Shopping Cart Validation

Help students be prepared for their enrollment appointment!

Shopping Cart Validation is a PeopleSoft feature that allows the student to easily prepare for enrollment and advising appointments.

The student will add prospective classes into your shopping cart in PeopleSoft Student Center. Once a potential schedule is built, simply select the classes and click the "validate" button. It will bring the student to a screen that shows any potential problems with their course selections, such as time conflicts or unfulfilled pre-requisites. Because this feature is meant to be used before a student's enrollment date, it may not accurately show them if a class will open or closed when they are eligible to register for classes.

This feature allows the student to make adjustments to course selections before meeting with their advisor, allowing you to spend that appointment more efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE: The Validate button will NOT enroll the student in classes. Students must still complete the enrollment process when their enrollment appointment date/time arrives.

Shopping Cart Validation Videos

PeopleSoft Shopping Cart Validation - Training Video

Pitt PS Mobile Shopping Cart Validation - Training Video

Shopping Cart Validation Documents

PeopleSoft Shopping Cart Validation - PDF